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Very centrally located, the BnB Casa Scaletto can be reached from the Turgi train station or from the bus stop Mühleweg Untersiggenthal within only 5-7 minutes. The industry area in Turgi with the multinationals ABB, General Electric GE, INP, Enics etc. lies within 2 minutes walking distance.

The city of Baden and the Campus Windisch-Brugg can be reached by train within only 4 minutes. There are 4-6 connections per hour. Baden can be reached by bus as well with the RVBW lines 2 + 6 from the bus stop Mühleweg Untersiggenthal (17 minutes). To the PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen, it takes 9 minutes by train or bus. Zurich HB can be reached within 26 minutes, to Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Winterthur, Schaffhausen it takes around 60 minutes. Very good train connections from Zurich airport (only 44 minutes). By car the travel time is approximately the same.


Within a radius of 6 km there are numerous restaurants, shops as well as entertainment venues like the Grand Casino Baden, various museums incl. the famous Schweizer Kindermuseum, Roman ruins, Foxtrail, cinemas, nightclubs, wellness and massage facilities, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, bowling, etc.

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